MEPN Virtual Advisory Clinic (MEVAC)

MEPN Virtual Advisory Clinic (MEVAC)

Greetings to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)!!!

Machinery and Equipment Productivity Nexus (MEPN) has opened the registration for our MEPN Virtual Advisory Clinic (MEVAC) to support SMEs in the M&E industry in rebuilding the business due to the adverse impact of COVID-19. Our MEVAC is FREE for 100 SMEs only.

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Consultation areas as below:

Financial Consultation – Advisory on challenges and issues faced by machinery and equipment (M&E) industry players in relation to finance and capital including getting assistance from banks, government ministries and agencies during this COVID-19 outbreak to sustain and continue running the company at lowest cost.

Innovative Business Operations – Advisory on key elements in innovation business operations and redesigning of business model to fit in current situation and towards flexible downside or expansion; such as value proposition, business activities toward wealth sharing model, agile human resources and staffing, new business partnership & collaboration, quality control, and standard compliance.

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions – Advisory on the major aspects on intelligent M&E manufacturing setup, and SME may contribute in strengthening the M&E industry in Malaysia. Areas covered may include retrofit / retooling, adaption of digitalisation, semi or full automation, industry 4.0, Robotics, Data Analytic and supply chain in M&E ecosystem.

Deadline for application: 1 May 2020, 5pm

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