Government Financial Assistance by MIDF

Government Financial Assistance by MIDF

The past couple of years have been really hard on many businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the multiple MCOs implemented by the Government in an effort to reduce the number of Covid-19 infections. Although businesses are allowed to operate now with strict compliance to the SOPs, many find it difficult to revive and sustain due to tight cashflow.

MIDF is offering the SME Revitalisation Financing (SMERF) to SMEs constrained by financial difficulties and the underserved sectors to sustain and continue to strive through enhancement of their products’ marketability, business sustainability as well as adoption of technology and modernization. Below are the details of SMERF for your reference: SFDT-A

Note: Businesses that would like to apply for this SMERF shall have no similar new banking facility for the past 1 year. The SMERF is also open for start-up companies that are more than 6 months in operation.

The pandemic had also forced many businesses to adopt technology into their operations. In view of this, MIDF had established the Soft Financing Scheme for Digital & Technology (SFDT), primarily to encourage and increase utilisation of digital technologies among local SMEs as means to escalate competitiveness and efficiency and marketability. The details of SFDT are stated below:

Members who are keen to explore the SMERF and/ or SFDT or wish to grow your businesses further with financing from MIDF, please email to or speak to our Business Advisory Consultant at 1-300-88-6433.